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MAX7219 8x8 LED Dot Matrix Display Module For Arduino

MAX7219 8x8 LED Dot Matrix Display Module For Arduino

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MAX7219 8x8 LED Dot Matrix Display Module For Arduino
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MAX7219 8x8 LED Dot Matrix Display Module For Arduino

Hey guys, if you want to think to add some cool animation or scrolling text to your DIY project, or as an individual project, which contains a lot of LEDs, the MAX7219 Dot Led Matrix Module will help you better.

This module is the collection of 64 LEDs in the form of an 8x8 matrix in which it has 8 columns and 8 rows and controlled by MAX7219 IC.

MAX7219 IC is a compact, serial input/output common-cathode display driver is capable of controlling 64 individual LEDs by using 3 communication digital pins (DIN, CS, and CLK) to the Arduino board. For power up this dot matrix module,

you need a 5V power supply which is also fed by the Arduino board by using GND and 5V pin, so you need to connect 5 pins from the dot matrix module to your Arduino board to display your text or animation. If you want to add some more 8x8 Led Dot Matrix Module it also allows you.

The following configuration to connect to your MAX7219 8x8 LED Dot Matrix Display Module For Arduino to Arduino board 

Dot-matrix pin Wiring to Arduino Uno

GND (Ground) GND

VCC (Positive Supply Voltage)             5V

DIN (Serial-Data Input) Digital pin

CS (Chip-Select Input) Digital pin

CLK (Serial-Clock Input) Digital pin 

MAX7219 8x8 LED Dot Matrix Display Module Specification

  • Module size: 5 cm long X 3.2 cm wide X 1.5 cm high
  • Input Voltage: 3.7v to 5.3V
  • Input Current: 320mA

MAX7219 8x8 LED Dot Matrix Display Module Features

  • A single module can drive an 8 * 8 common cathode lattice
  • With four screws hole, aperture 3mm
  • Module with input and output interfaces supports multiple modules cascade
  • Led color: Red
  • Great for DIY projects 

MAX7219 8x8 LED Dot Matrix Display Module Application

  • Great for DIY projects 
  • Industrial Controllers
  • Electric Panel Meters
  • LED Matrix Display Display of symbols
  • Cool graphics and texts

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