Heat Shrinkable Tube

Heat Shrinkable Tube

Heat Shrinkable Tube

Component7 gives you heat sink tubing that is valued option for insulation, protection, and sealing whilst compared to taping, molding, or potting.  Whilst heated, the warmth shrink tubing conforms to the size and form of the substrate below for short and smooth installation. Heat reduce tubing is available in extensive sort of materials, colours, and sizes, and is introduced in clean-to-use paperwork which includes spools and short pieces. We let you select the nice product in your software to optimize performance and set up, imparting a reliable and strong solution. We additionally provide custom designed merchandise to beautify product handling , installation and logistics.

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1.5mm Heat Shrinkable Tube

Diameter-1.5 mmLength-1 Meter..

₹ 14.16 Ex Tax: ₹ 12.00

10mm Heat Shrinkable Tube

Diameter-10 mmLength-1 Meter..

₹ 28.32 Ex Tax: ₹ 24.00

2.5mm Heat Shrinkable Tube

Diameter-2.5 mmLength-1 Meter..

₹ 17.70 Ex Tax: ₹ 15.00

30mm Heat Shrinkable Tube

Diameter-30 mmLength-1 Meter..

₹ 112.10 Ex Tax: ₹ 95.00

35mm Heat Shrinkable Tube

35mm Heat Shrinkable Tube35mm Heat Shrinkable Tube suitable for electrical insulation, mechanical protection, environmental sealing, and strain relief, for applications such as back-end connector sealing, breakouts, and connector-to-cable transitions..

₹ 135.70 Ex Tax: ₹ 115.00

5mm Heat Shrinkable Tube

Diameter-5 mmLength-1 Meter..

₹ 21.24 Ex Tax: ₹ 18.00