Glue Gun and Stick

Glue Gun and Stick

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11mm Dia Multi-Purpose Hot Melt Glue Stick

11mm Dia Multi-Purpose Hot Melt Glue Stick approximate length 20cm.Features:High transparency brings good look on the join positionBeing colorless and odorless makes comfortable working environmentLong open time improves application flexibilityVersat..

₹ 13.92 Ex Tax: ₹ 11.80

Glue Gun 40Watt

Glue Gun 40 WattFeatures of Glue Gun (40 Watt):For gluing: wood, plastic, carton, glass, ceramic, stone, textiles, cork, leather, metal.... on wood, plastics, concrete, stone, ceramic, metal etcAlso suitable for sealing and joining and for repairs wi..

₹ 234.82 Ex Tax: ₹ 199.00