Test-Measuring Instrument

Test-Measuring Instrument

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Continuity Tester Electronic

A continuity tester is an item of electrical test equipment used to determine if an electrical path can be established between two points; that is if an electrical circuit can be made. The circuit under test is completely de-energized prior to connec..

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Digital Multimeter - DT830

Digital Multimeter - DT830830 series multimeters are pocket-sized 3 1/2-digit digital multimeters for measuring DC and AC Voltage, DC Current, Resistance and Testing Diode. Some models also provide transistor test function, signal output or perfor..

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Multimeter Test Leads/Probe Cables

A Banana Plug has a prong contact and a Banana Jack has a socket/receptacle contact. The contact may be unshrouded or sheathed to offer insulating protection.The correct test probe for the application is important. If your work is limited to circuits..

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