BC Series Transistor

BC Series Transistor

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BC108 Transistor - Metal Package TO-18

BC108 Transistor - Metal PackageThe BC108 is a NPN Transistor in TO18 metal package. Suitable for use in a wide range of applications and can handle continuous DC currents of up to 120mA.Specifications:Transistor Polarity: NPN Collector Emitter Volta..

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BC547 Transistor - Plastic Package TO-92

BC547 TransistorA BC547 transistor is a negative-positive-negative (NPN) transistor that is used for many purposes. Together with other electronic components, such as resistors, coils, and capacitors, it can be used as the active component for switch..

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BC548 Transistor - Plastic Package TO-92

BC548 Transistor BC548 is general purpose silicon, NPN, bipolar junction transistor. It is used for amplification and switching purposes. The current gain may vary between 110 and 800. The maximum DC current gain is 800.Its equivalent transistors are..

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BC549 Transistor - Plastic Package TO-92

BC549 Transistor The BC549C is an NPN transistor belonging to a group of general-purpose NPN semiconductors consisting of BC547, BC548, and BC549. These transistors are utilised in audio frequency, and small signal directly coupled preamplifiers.The ..

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BC557 Transistor - Plastic Package TO-92

BC557 Transistor - Plastic Package..

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BC558 Transistor - Plastic Package TO-92

BC558 TransistorBC558 is a general purpose PNP transistor. It is used in switching and amplifier applications. The DC current gain varies in range 110 to 800. It is also used as a complement for transistors BC546 to BC550.The transistor terminals req..

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BC847 Transistor - SMD Package

BC847 Transistor - SMD PackageNPN general-purpose transistors in Surface-Mounted Device (SMD) plastic packagesFeatures and benefits General-purpose transistorsSMD plastic packagesThree different gain selectionsAEC-Q101 qualifiedApplicationsGeneral-pu..

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