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SMPS & Adapter

12 Volt 1 Amp LED Strip Driver
-34 %
Model: LED-Driver-12V-1A
This is a high-quality Power Adapter/Driver ideal for power any 12v / 5-12W DC item. 12 volt DC supply is ideal for LED, LED strip, power LED etc.This 1.0 Amp 12-volt power adapter eliminates the common problems(like flickering) and will ensure your LED strip, power LED etc. lights work perfectly ev..
₹69.62 ₹46.02 Ex Tax:₹39.00
Model: 12V 1 Amp SMPS
This is a really nice power supply. It's a switching DC supply so it’s small and light and efficient.It is thin so it fits in power strips without blocking other outlets. The output is regulated so you'll get a steady 12V up to 1000mA (1 Amp) of current draw. This supply is designed to work anywhere..
₹153.40 Ex Tax:₹130.00
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