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Battery Holder

Model: 3V Lithium Battery Holder
Horizontal thru hole mount is capable for PCB mount, 20mm spaced between Positive and Negative pins. Tin-nickel plate contacts (2 opposing leads), 1 cell spring steel holder. It is mostly used for all types of the circuit board which require the power of 3 volts also used in breadboard for test powe..
₹8.26 Ex Tax:₹7.00
Model: 9V Battery Snap Connectors
This 9 Volt Battery snap connector is used to hold 9V batteries on one side and on another side two wires of the connector are plugged in power supply unit to supply power to the whole circuit. Easy to connect a 9V battery to your projects. Features: Easy to interface power supply No short circuit..
₹7.67 Ex Tax:₹6.50
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