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A resistor or resistance is a passive component which have two-terminal and produce electrical resistance in a circuit and its SI unit is Ohm. This is a passive component which mean it consume power.  Component7 provide you wast variety of resistor with very affordable price.

It provide a precise voltage by converting electrical energy into heat for an active device such as a transistor. The main work of resistor is limit the flow of electron in the required circuit.

Now days resistor are available in different shape and size. The main classification of resistance is SMD (surface mount device) and through hole. Resistor are made by different materials like carbon, metal or metal oxide film.

There are some special resistor also available like Resistor arrays and variable resistor. Through hole resistor comes with 4 colour bands and 5 colour bands which give the value of its resistor. SMD resistor are available in different size like 1206 or 0805 or 0603 etc. normally on this SMD resistor 3 or 4 digits are printed. The first two numbers represent the first two most-significant digits of the value, the last number represents a magnitude multiply by power of ten.

The power rating of resistance is the most important part of resistor, which provide the information of resistor which can withstand the heat which is converted from electrical energy.

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