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Box Type Capacitor

Box Type Metallised Polyester Film Capacitor
Component7 provide the best quality of the box type capacitor is an essentially a form of polyester film capacitor where the polyester films themselves are metallised. The advantage of using this process is that because their electrodes are thin, the overall capacitor can be contained within a relatively small package. The metallised polyester film capacitors are generally only available as leaded electronics components. All these capacitors is available at Online India's best electronic and robotics store Component7

Model: 0.1uF 300VAC Box Capacitor
0.1uF 300VAC Class X2 Box Type Capacitor ±20%..
₹16.52 Ex Tax:₹14.00
Model: 0.47uF 300V Box Capacitor
0.47uF 300V Class X2 Box Type Capacitor..
₹28.32 Ex Tax:₹24.00
Model: 1uF 275VAC Box Capacitor
1uF 275VAC Class X2 Box Type Capacitor..
₹24.78 Ex Tax:₹21.00
Model: 1uF 300VAC Box Capacitor
1uF 300VAC Class X2 Box Type Capacitor ±20%..
₹25.96 Ex Tax:₹22.00
Model: 2.2uF 275VAC Box Capacitor
2.2uF 275VAC Class X2 Box Type Capacitor ±10%..
₹30.68 Ex Tax:₹26.00
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