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Model: Alligator Clips With Screw Pair
Alligator Clips With Screw do not require any soldering.  Large alligator clips with plastic finger grips and a screw for connection...
₹14.16 Ex Tax:₹12.00
Model: Alligator Test Leads Jumper Cable - Multicolored
These Alligator/Crocodile clips are likely to be the most useful thing on your workbench beside the workbench itself. Whether you’re just trying to make a few quick connections to test your circuit or having trouble making your multimeter leads stay where you need them, these spring-loaded clips are..
₹165.20 Ex Tax:₹140.00
Model: RJ45-CAT6-Male-Plug
This connector is suitable for CAT6 networking cable features a loading guide to aid in proper pinout of the RJ45 connectorSpecifications:RJ45 male connectorVersion: CAT6Mounting: CrimpColour: TransparentHousing Material: PlasticApplications:LANVoice/video/dataPremise wiringCable assemblyNetworking..
₹11.80 Ex Tax:₹10.00
Model: RJ45 Ethernet Socket
RJ45 Shielded network socketEthernet portCrystal humpback 8PinLong TypeCopper..
₹53.10 Ex Tax:₹45.00
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