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Model: 1-C-DPST-5V-10A-Relay-Module
1 Channel isolated 5 Volt 10 Amp relay module opto coupler for Raspberry Pi Arduino PIC AVR DSP ARM. This is a 5 Volt 10 Amp relay module is compliant with safety standards, control and load areas isolation trenches this relay is  genuine, can be used as a single chip modules can be used for applian..
₹116.82 Ex Tax:₹99.00
Model: 12 Volt 2 Amp PCB Mount DPDT Relay
12 Volt PCB Mount Relay - 2 AmpA compact lightweight relay for high density PCB mounting.Specification:Type                                        ElectromechanicalCoil voltage                              12VDCCoil Resistance                          960ΩCoil Current                              12..
₹57.82 Ex Tax:₹49.00
Model: 12 Volt PCB Mount T Type Relay - 30 Amp
12 Volt PCB Mount T Type Relay - 30 AmpSPST Relay (Single Pole Single Throw Relay) an electromagnetic switch consists of a coil, 1 common terminal, and one normally open terminal.  It does not have a normally closed terminal like the SPDT relay, but may be used in place of SPDT relays in all diagram..
₹76.70 Ex Tax:₹65.00
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