Hall Effect Sensors

Hall Effect Sensors

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A1104EUA-T Hall-effect switch

A1104EUA-T - HALL-EFFECT SWITCH SIP-3The Allegro™ -A1104 Hall-effect switches are next generation replacements for the popular Allegro 312x and 314x lines of unipolar switches. The A110x family, produced with BiCMOS technology, consists of devices th..


AH34 Hall Effect Sensor Out Of Stock!

AH34 Hall Effect Sensor

AH34 Hall Effect Sensor 100 to 2000 MHz TO-8 Cascadable AmplifierFeature:• High Gain: +16.0dB • Wideband:  100-2000MHZ • Power Output: +7,0dBm • Flatpack with flange (FPF) • Connectorized (CAH )• Weight. + 2.5 grams Max...


HI-300 Hall Effect Switch IC

HI-300 Hall Effect Switch IC HI300 is designed to integrate Hall sensor with output driver together on the same chip, it is suitable for speed measurement, revolution counting, positioning, and DC brushless motors. It includes a temperature comp..