NTC Thermistor 10D9

-55% NTC Thermistor 10D9

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NTC Thermistor  10D9 

PT series Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC) Thermistors have an inverse relationship between its electrical resistance and body temperature; drop in resistance with rise in temperature and vice versa. NTC’s R/T could be considered linear over small temperature and is nonlinear over larger range of temperature. R/T is repeatable and can be reproduced to exacting specifications. NTC thermistors exhibit relatively large change in resistance vs. temperature providing greater sensitivity to changes in temperature when compared to other temperature sensors, such as thermocouples and RTD's.

You can easily calculate the resistance of NTC Thermistors at a given temperature using beta, but there is an even more accurate way to do this using the Steinhart & Hart Equation. NTC Thermistors are also an excellent alternative to semiconductor circuitry for solving temperature related problems. They can be easily used to calculate the temperature coefficient. We will provide you with guidelines for using NTC Thermistors to achieve the most accurate measurements possible.


  • Thermistor Type: NTC
  • Resistance: 10ohm
  • Max Steady current: 2A
  • Dissipation factor: 11 mW/℃
  • Thermal time constant (s): 32s

  • Strong power and strong capability of surge current protection.
  • Characteristics Fast response to the rapidly surge. ·
  • Big material constant(B value),Small remain resistance.
  • High reliability.
  • Integral series, Extensive operating range.
  • Operating Temp. -55℃~+200℃

  • Switching power supply
  • UPS power supply, ·electric heaters
  • Electronic energy-saving lamps
  • Filament protection of color tubes
  • Incandescent lamps and other lights.
  • Electronic ballasts

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