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Basic IC Pack for DIY Makers

Basic IC Pack for DIY Makers

This basic IC pack contain the general purpose ICs which is widely used in DIY projects. It contains the following ICs, 5 Pcs of every ICs

  • NE555 - Timer-General purpose
  • LM324 - opamp single supply
  • LM386 - Audio amp low-voltage
  • PC817 - Opto-Isolator
  • 4N25 - Opto-Isolator
  • MOC3061 - Opto-TRIAC
  • MAX485- Transceiver
  • ULN2003- Darlington Power Driver
  • 74HC14 - Inverter Schmitt-Trigger
  • 74HC595 - Serial-In-Parallel-Out Expander
  • 74HC165 - Parallel-In-Serial-Out Expander
  • LM393 - Low power dual voltage comparator
  • NE5532 -low-noise opamp

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