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Pulse Sensor

Pulse Sensor

Now, monitor of your pulse is so easy by Pulse Sensor Amped!  Pulse Sensor is a sensor which measures heart-rate by Arduino. It is a plug and plays heart-rate sensor for Arduino and widely used by students, hobbyists, makers and developers who want to easily accumulate live heart-rate data into their projects.

Pulse sensor amped circuit has amplification and noise cancellation which make it fast and easy. It operates at 4mA current and 5V which make it great for mobile applications.

Simply put the pulse sensor to your fingertip or where you want to read pulse and plug it into your Arduino now you are ready to read your heart rate.

In this Kit component7 provide you pulse sensor with standard male headers so don't need to soldering.

How to connect Pulse Sensor to Arduino?

The connection between Pulse Sensor and Arduino is very easy, use following  connection

Pulse Sensor                         Arduino

RED                                         5V or 3V

BLACK                                    GND (GROUND)

PURPLE                                  ANALOG 0 (Zero)

How to install Pulse Sensor code to Arduino?

  1. Use following instructions
  2.  Download ZIP file from
  3. Move this file to your Documents/Arduino folder.
  4. Unzip this zip file in your Documents/Arduino folder. Now this properly installs your files.
  5.  Open project in Arduino via *File > Sketchbook > PulseSensor_Arduino-Master > PulseSensorAmped_Arduino_1dot2.ino.
  6. Install this code to your Arduino and monitor the data from your sensor.


  1. Make sure the BAUD RATE is same (115200) with Serial.begin (115200).
  2.  Change static boolean serialVisual = false to static boolean serialVisual = true to see Arduino Serial Monitor ASCII Visual Pulse.

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