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LM35D-Temperature Sensor

-14% LM35D-Temperature Sensor

LM35D-Temperature Sensor

LM35 is the sensor which senses the temperature and gives the output in voltage, so it is also called temperature transducer which converts temperature to the electrical signal .This IC assume that the ambient air temperature is same as surface temperature; if the air temperature is very much high or low with respect to the surface temperature then the actual temperature of the LM35 would be at an intermediate temperature between the surface temperature and the air temperature. LM35 is in a TO-92 plastic package in which the copper leads are the thermal path to carry the heat into the device, so LM35 IC temperature is near to air temperature than surface temperature.The LM35 is run at very low current about 60 uA, so it does not heat so much.The temperature range of LM35 is −55°C to 150°C. LM35 IC does not require any other calibration to provide accuracies of ±¼°C at room temperature. LM35 IC is used a single power supply, or plus and minus supplies.


  • Calibrated Directly in Celsius (Centigrade)
  • Linear + 10-mV/°C Scale Factor
  • 0.5°C Ensured Accuracy (at 25°C)
  • Rated for Full −55°C to 150°C Range
  • Suitable for Remote Applications
  • Low-Cost Due to Wafer-Level Trimming
  • Operates from 4 V to 30 V
  • Less than 60-µA Current Drain
  • Low Self-Heating, 0.08°C in Still Air
  • Non-Linearity Only ±¼°C Typical
  • Low-Impedance Output, 0.1 Ω for 1-mA Load

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