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L298 Stepper Motor Driver Module

L298 Motor Driver Module

This L298 46V, 2A Stepper Motor / Dual DC Motor Driver module can drive bipolar stepper motor or Two DC motors at the same time. Each L298 has two H-Bridges. Each H-Bridge can supply 2Amp. current. L298 has heat sink for better heat dissipation and flyback diodes for protection from back EMF. For higher current rating these H-Bridges can be connected in parallel. Board has terminal block for high power connections and open pads for logic interfacing. Board is made of double sided PTH PCB for giving better strength to the connectors. For easier mounting board have four mounting holes.


  • Operating voltage: 8V to 46V
  • Output current: 2Amp per H-Bridge
  • Can drive one bipolar stepper motor or two DC motors.
  • Heatsink for better heat dissipation
  • Over temperature protection
  • Fly back diodes for protection form back EMF
  • Double sided PTH PCB for better giving better strength to the connectors
  • Two LEDs per H-Bridge for easier debugging


  • Stepper motor / DC motor drives
  • Factory automation robots
  • Numerically controlled machinery
  • Computer printers and plotters

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