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4.0Volt, 2.0AH Rechargeable Lead Acid Battery

4.0Volt, 2.0AH Rechargeable Lead Acid Battery

This is very commonly used rechargeable battery, of 4.0 volt and 2.0 Ah

  • Original SUNCA 100% new battery.
  • Strong ABS body - Do not drop the battery.
  • DC 4.0 Volts, Lead Acid Sealed Maintenance Free Battery.
  • Batteries can be stored for more than 6 months at 25oC (Charge before storing),
  • Self discharge rate is less than 5% per month at 25oC.
  • This is a solder terminal type battery as shown in the image, these terminals are suitable for direct soldering.
  • Always completely discharge the battery before recharging again to get maximum life of battery.
  • Used in Toys, Games, UPS, Electronic Devices, Emergency Lights, Solar Lanterns, Camping, Trekking, Picnics and others.
  • Please charge before using for the 1st time.We strongly suggest that you charge the battery for 4 hours before first use as this conditions the battery and increases battery life and gives full capacity. (never over charge the battery)

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