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2N3055 Transistor - Metal Package

2N3055 Transistor - Metal Package

2N3055 Transistor - Metal Package

Almost 90 % of all medium power electronic gadgets incorporate 2N3055 transistors in their output stages – probably enough to prove the high versatility of the device.The 2N3055 is a NPN Epitaxial-Base Planar Transistor that normally comes encapsulated in a metal Jedec TO-3 package. The basic application range include power switching, high fidelity amplification, shunt regulation, and forming the output stages of various power circuits.

The device has become particularly popular due to some of its outstanding features, as summarized below:

  • Rugged design and packaging, makes it less vulnerable to mechanical stresses during procurement and transportation.
  • High collector to emitter voltage handling capability makes it highly versatile for most power amplification applications.
  • Low base to emitter voltage, makes it easily switchable even with nominal output potentials available from linear ICs without incorporating buffer stages.
  • Robust output current delivering capability makes it ideally suited for applications in power amplifiers and power inverters.
  • Sturdy TO-3 case encapsulation makes it easily mountable over heatsinks with snug face to face contact, enabling perfect heat dissipation from the device and ensuring optimum response.
  • Reasonable and consistent hFE gain makes it universally suitable and applicable for most purposes.
  • High frequency handling range, again attributing the device with a wide range utility feature.
  • The above versatility of the device in turn makes it easily replaceable with other power transistors having varied characteristics, relieving the users from the headache of searching identical compatible matches for their individual specific applications.

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