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Desoldering Pump

Desoldering Pump

Desoldering Pump

Desoldering is the process of removing soldered components from a circuit made on PCB. Desoldering pump along with the soldering iron is used for this purpose. A desoldering pump also known as solder sucker is a small mechanical device which sucks the liquid/molten solder from the joint where the components are mounted. In order to desolder a component from the PCB, we first heat up the solder joint with the soldering iron till the solder liquefies/melts. At the same moment we actuate the soldering pump by pressing the trigger lever and bring the tip over the molten metal and pull the trigger back by pressing a button shown in the below image. At this instant the lever is pulled back and the tip of the pump sucks the molten solder. This process is repeated until all the residue solder is sucked by the pump and the hole on the PCB is clear to solder a fresh component.

Quickly and easily clear away molten solder from a PCB joint with this Desoldering Pump. Made from heavy-duty aluminum to provide a long service life, its design allows easy single-handed operation.

  • Remove hot solder quickly
  • Easy single-handed operation
  • Aluminum body tubing with brushed metal finish


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