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BTB16/BTA16-16 600V Triac

BTB16/BTA16-16 600V Triac


BT16-16 600V Triac

  • Thyristor Type: Standard Gate
  • Peak Repetitive Off-State Voltage, Vdrm:600V
  • On State RMS Current, IT(RMS):16A
  • Gate Trigger Current (QI), Igt:50mA
  • Current, It av:16A
  • Gate Trigger Current Max, Igt:50mA


  • Snubberless versions (BTA/BTB...W andT1635) especially recommended for use on inductive loads, because of their high commutation performances
  • On/off or phase angle function in applications such as static relays, light dimmers and appliance motor speed controllers

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