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XL6009 DC-DC step up module

XL6009 DC-DC step up module

XL6009 DC-DC step up module is better than LM2577, with the adjustable booster power supply module at Output Max Current 4A. That module is a non-isolated step-up (boost) voltage converter featuring adjustable output voltage with high efficiency.XTW6009 is a 4 a switch current high-performance step-up (BOOST) module. The XL6009E1 module USES the second generation of high-frequency switch technology as the core chip, LM2577 performance far beyond the first generation of technology. XL6009 performance is more outstanding, LM2577 module will be eliminated. 

If the input/output current is more than 2A (need to plug heat sink), if the output power is higher than 15 W, advice to add the heat sink. Please do not use with out heatsink for continuous use. 

Note: The output voltage must be higher than the input voltage. 


  • Low voltage to high voltage Power Supply
  • Power supply for electronic equipment
  • Battery Powered Lab Power Supply
  • Hand-held electronics that run on high voltage but needs to run on low voltage batteries

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