Quadcopter Kit

Quadcopter Kit

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4-axis Quadcopter Frame

Component7 provide 4-axis quad copter Frame which built from high quality and ultra durable materials.The main frame board is high quality glass fiber while the arms are constructed from ultra durable poly-amide nylon.Colored arms..


Balance Charger for 7.4V-11.1V Li-Po Battery

In multi-celled Lithium Polymer battery pack, it is possible for the individual cells to develop differences in there charge levels. Since Lithium Polymer batteries are very sensitive to overcharging, it is important that cells inside the battery pac..


Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) for Brushless DC Motor-30 Amps

Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) is fully programmable 30A BLDC ESC with 5V, 2A BEC. it will drive motors with continuous 30 Amp load current, construction with the heatsink on the MOSFETs for better heat dissipation and operated by 2-4 Lithium Poly..


Lipo Battery Voltage Tester with Low Voltage Buzzer Alarm

LiPo Battery Voltage Tester Low Volt Alarm Buzzer and LED is a microprocessor controlled high precise voltage detector. The unit can measure each cell voltage in 1S-8S LiPo / liFe / liLo battery pack.The lithium battery voltage monitor for detecting ..


Propeller 1045 (10"X4.5")-(Black)

Propeller 1045 (10"X4.5") for Quad-copter/Quad-Rotor/ Multi Rotor /Helicopter (Black)This is a  10 inch X 4.5 inch normal Propeller. The High-Strength props are made from Nylon with Carbon Fiber fill for an extremely stiff blade that will not de..