Motor Driver

Motor Driver

Motor Driver

A motor driver IC/Module is usually used to control motors in various applications. Motor driver IC/Module act as an interface between microprocessors and the motors. The mostly used motor driver IC’s  L293D/L293NE which control 2 DC motors simultaneously in any direction.

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L293D Motor Driver Module

L293D Motor DriverThis module is an ideal average power of the motor driver for the control of DC motors and stepper motors. Using the motor driver L293D H-bridge IC popular. It runs 4 motors in same direction or 2 motors in same direction with the ..


L298 Stepper Motor Driver Module

L298 Motor Driver ModuleThis L298 46V, 2A Stepper Motor / Dual DC Motor Driver module can drive bipolar stepper motor or Two DC motors at the same time. Each L298 has two H-Bridges. Each H-Bridge can supply 2Amp. current. L298 has heat sink for bette..


Motor Control Switch-Joystick

This motor controller switch module or joystick is use for controlling BO motors in both direction foreword and revere.  ..