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Mifare Classic 1 K Compatible HF Inlays

Mifare Classic 1 K Compatible HF Inlays

Mifare Classic 1K Compatible HF Inlays

It is best to use in Electronic transportation, banking, electronic payment systems,and mobile applications The card content and the memory can be managed, can be uploaded and installed with different applications using several applets, and it also provides deletion of applets. The chip has best countermeasures for hacking and some other forms of attacks. It has the highest level of security and enable several authentications and access privileges.

Wet inlay and dry inlay are the simplest and cheapest NFC tag. Wet NFC inlays is adhesive backing and act like stickers. Dry NFC inlays without adhesive are used as components for larger products.

Inlays are relatively fragile so not suitable for projects that require maximum durability or long term exposure to severe environments. If you need a durable tag, then you should consider an NFC Token. And if you need flexible size and shape or require an adhesive compatible on metal surfaces, then you should choose NFC stickers.

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