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Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV)-07D471K

Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV)-07D471K

Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV)-07D471K Radial Lead Resin-Coated Metal Oxide Varistor for Surge Protection.


  • Part No-07D471K
  • Maximum Allowable Voltage ACrms(V)-300
  • Maximum Allowable Voltage DC(V)-385
  • Maximum Allowable Voltage Max-423
  • Varistor Voltage (@1mA) Vb(Vdc)-470
  • Varistor Voltage (@1mA) Max-517
  • Clamping Voltage @ Test Current (8/20µs) Vc(V)-775
  • Clamping Voltage @ Test Current (8/20µs)Ip(A)-10
  • Maximum Energy (J) 10/1000us-30
  • Maximum Peak Current (8/20us)(A)-1200
  • Rated Power(W)-0.25
  • Typical Capacitance(@1KHz)(pF)-130


  • Suitable for overvoltage protection of transistor,ic, scr, thyristor and so on. 
  • Surge absorber and overvoltage protection of the appliance. 
  • Surge absorption of industrial electric. 
  • Electrostatic discharge and noise signal elimination. 
  • Surge absorption of relay and solenoid valve. 
  • Overvoltage protection of residual current circuit breaker
  • Lightning and overvoltage protection of communication equipment. (telephone spc exchange,etc.)


  • Power supplies
  • Power systems
  • Line voltage
  • Telecom systems
  • White goods/appliances

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