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MOC3021 - Optocoupler Phototransistor

MOC3021 - Optocoupler Phototransistor

The MOC3021 is optically isolated triac driver device.It is designed for interfacing low voltage electronic components and triacs to control resistive and inductive loads.


  • 400 V Phototriac Driver Output
  • Gallium-Arsenide-Diode Infrared Source and Optically-Coupled Silicon Traic Driver (Bilateral Switch)
  • UL Recognized...File Number E65085
  • High Isolation...7500 V Peak
  • Output Driver Designed for 220 Vac
  • Standard 6-Terminal Plastic DIP
  • Directly Interchangeable with MOC3020, MOC3021, MOC3022, 
  • and MOC3023
  • typical 115/240 Vac(rms) applications
  • Solenoid/Valve Controls
  • Lamp Ballasts
  • Interfacing Microprocessors to 115/240 Vac Peripherals
  • Motor Controls
  • Incandescent Lamp Dimmers

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