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MMA7361 Breakout Board

MMA7361 Breakout Board

MMA7361 Breakout Board Triple-Axis Accelerometer 

This Accelerometer module is based on the popular Freescale MMA7361 three-axis analog accelerometer, which reads off the X, Y and Z acceleration as analog voltages. The sensor requires a very low amount of power and has a g-select input which switches the accelerometer between ±1.5g and ±6g measurement ranges. Other features of the module include sleep mode, signal conditioning, a 1-pole low pass filter, temperature compensation, self-test, and 0g-detect which detects linear free fall. Zero-g offset and sensitivity are factory set and require no external devices.

The accelerometer can be very easy interfaced to Arduino Boards or any other developmental boards, using 3 analog input pins, and can be used with most other microcontrollers, such as the PIC or AVR. The module comes with standard 0.1" pitch pin headers, so it fits directly into a breadboard or prototype shield. This module's onboard voltage regulator allows for convenient operation at either 3.3 volts or 5 volts. No additional external components are required for operation.


• 2x5 pin 0.1" pitch pin headers

• Two sensitivity modes ±1.5G and ±6G

• 5VDC & 3.3VDC operation

• 0G detect pin (for linear Free-Fall detection)

• Sleep Mode to save on power

• Integrated 1 pole low pass filter

• Temperature Compensation

• Dimension:27.9 mm* 16.8mm

• Self Test Mode for easy troubleshooting


Accelerometer sensor measures level of acceleration where it is mounted. This enables to measure acceleration/deceleration of object like car or robot, or tilt of a platform with respected to earth axis, or vibration produced by machines.

• 3D Gaming: Tilt and Motion Sensing, Event Recorder

• HDD MP3 Player: Freefall Detection

• Laptop PC: Freefall Detection, Anti-Theft

• Cell Phone: Image Stability, Text Scroll, Motion Dialing, eCompass

• Pedometer: Motion Sensing

• PDA: Text Scroll

• Navigation and Dead Reckoning: eCompass Tilt Compensation

• Robotics: Motion Sensing

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