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L293D Motor Driver Module

L293D Motor Driver Module

L293D Motor Driver

This module is an ideal average power of the motor driver for the control of DC motors and stepper motors. Using the motor driver L293D H-bridge IC popular. It runs 4 motors in same direction or 2 motors in same direction with the speed control. The driver simplifies and increases the ease with which you can control the motors, relays, etc. microcontrollers. And 'able to drive motors up to 12 V DC with a total current up to 600 mA.

  • Operating Voltage: 7 V to 12V DC.
  • 4 channel output(can drive 2 DC motors bidirectionally).
  • 600mA output current capability per channel.
  • PTR connectors for easy connections.
  • User accessible enable pins facility.

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