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HI-300 Hall Effect Switch IC

HI-300 Hall Effect Switch IC

HI-300 Hall Effect Switch IC 

HI300 is designed to integrate Hall sensor with output driver together on the same chip, it is suitable for speed measurement, revolution counting, positioning, and DC brushless motors. It includes a temperature compensated voltage regulator, a differential amplifier, a Hysteresis controller and an open-collector output driver capable of sinking up to 20mA current load. An on-chip protection resistor is implemented to prevent reverse power fault.

The temperature-dependent bias increases the supply voltage of the Hall plates and adjusts the switching points to the decreasing induction of magnets at higher temperatures. Subsequently, the output can keep switching on/off on more precise switch point regardless to the ambient temperature. HI300 are rated for operation over a temperature range from –40˚ C to 125 ˚C and voltage ranges from 2.4V to 26V.


• Operates from 2.4V to 26V supply voltage with reverse voltage protection

• Operates with magnetic fields from DC to 15kHz

• On-chip Hall Sensor

• On-chip temperature compensation circuitry minimizes shifts in on and off points and hysteresis over temperature and supply voltage

• Ideal sensor for speed measurement, revolution counting, positioning, and DC brushless motors

• On(L) with magnetic South pole and Off (H) with North pole

Alternate IC-WS130

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