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Component7-Arduino UNO R3 Starter Kit

Component7-Arduino UNO R3 Starter Kit
The component7-Arduino Uno R3 Starter Kit is a full pack combo kit with Arduino Uno R3 board and other important accessories. Inside this kit componet7 offer different type of  components and devices including Arduino Uno R3 board. With the help of this kit combo you can design different projects.

List of components:
1 X Flame sensor.
2 X Tilt sensor.
10 X Assorted Potentiometer.
1 X LM35 Temperature sensor.
1 X Distance sensor.
1 X MPU6050 sensor
1 X Keypad
1 X Arduino Uno.
1 X Tshop
3 X Small LDR
2 X Buzzer
1 X USB Cable
4 X Tactile Switch
1 X Infrared Remote
1 X IR LED Pair
1 X Cell Box
5 X Red LEDs
5 X Yellow LEDs
5 X Green LEDs
4 X single-digit Seven Segment Led Display Common Cathod
2 X Single-digit Seven Segment Display Common Anode
1 X Dot Matrix Display.
1 X 16X2 LCD Display.
10 X 220ohm Resistors.
5 X 1K Resistors.
5 X 10K Resistors.
1 X Small Breadboard
20 X Male-Male Jumper wires.
20 X Male- Female Jumper wires
20 X Female- Female Jumper wires

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