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Capacitor Kit for beginner

Capacitor Kit  for beginner

This assorted capacitor makes a great gift for beginner needs at any time of their prototyping project.


  • 10pf 50V (10) Ceramic Capacitors (x10)
  • 22pF 50V (22) Ceramic Capacitors (x10)
  • 100pF 50V (100) Ceramic Capacitors (x10)
  • 1nF 50V (102) Ceramic Capacitors (x10)
  • 10nF 50V (103) Ceramic Capacitors (x10)
  • 100nF 50V (104) Ceramic Capacitors (x25)
  • 1µF 63V Electrolytic capacitors (x10)
  • 10µF 50V Electrolytic capacitors(x10)
  • 100µF 25V Electrolytic capacitors (x10)
  • 1000µF 25V Electrolytic capacitors (x10)

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