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CD4060 - Binary Counter-Divider & Oscillator

CD4060 - Binary Counter-Divider & Oscillator

CD4060 - Binary Counter-Divider & Oscillator

CD4060 consists of an oscillator section and 14 ripple-carry binary counter stages. The oscillator configuration allows design of either RC or crystal oscillator circuits. A RESET input is provided which resets the counter to the all-O’s state and disables the oscillator. A high level on the RESET line accomplishes the reset function. All counter stages are master-slave flip-flops. The state of the counter is advanced one step in binary order on the negative transition . All inputs and outputs are fully buffered. Schmitt trigger action on the input-pulse line permits unlimited input-pulse rise and fall times.

IC 4060 is an excellent integrated circuit for timing applications. Its ten active high outputs can give time delay from few seconds to hours. With a few components, it is easy to construct a simple but reliable time delay circuit.

IC 4060 is an Oscillator binary counter cum frequency divider. Its inbuilt oscillator is based on three inverters. The basic frequency of the internal oscillator is determined by the value of the capacitor connected to its pin 9 and that of the resistor in its pin 10. By increasing or decreasing the value of capacitor / resistor, time delay can be changed. Each output goes high after the completion of the timing cycle. To get maximum time period, output Q10 is omitted in the IC itself so that double time is available between Q9 and Q11.

Inside the IC, there is an oscillator and 14 series connected bistables (Ripple cascade arrangement). Internally the oscillator signal is applied to the first bistable which drives the second bistable and so on. Since each bistable divides its input signal by two, a total of fifteen signals are available, each of half the frequency of the previous one.

Ten of these fifteen signals are available on the output pins Q3- Q13.HEF 4060 is CMOS version which can operate at 3 volts while CD 4060 is high voltage type that can operate between 5 to 15 volts. It is necessary to add a capacitor close to pin 16 of IC so that minute voltage changes will not affect the timing cycle. Reset pin 12 resets the timing cycle once it is grounded. Outputs can give almost full supply voltage to drive light loads. Heavy loads such as relay can be operated through a driver transistor. When the high output is connected to the pin 11(clock input) through a diode, oscillation stops and IC remains latched in high state till it resets. Pin 11 can be used to give clock pulses from an external source.


  • 12 MHz clock rate at 15 V
  • Common reset
  • Fully static operation
  • Buffered inputs and outputs
  • Schmitt trigger input-pulse line
  • 100% tested for quiescent current at 20 V
  • Standardized, symmetrical output characteristics
  • 5-V, 10-V, and 15-V parametric ratings
  • Meets all requirements of JEDEC Tentative Standard No. 13B, "Standard Specifications for Description of ’B’ Series CMOS Devices’
  • Oscillator Features:
    • All active components on chip
    • RC or crystal oscillator configuration
    • RC oscillator frequency of 690 kHz min. at 15 V
  • Applications
    • Control counters
    • Timers
    • Frequency dividers
    • Time-delay circuits

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