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CD4029 - Presettable Up-Down Counter

CD4029 - Presettable Up-Down Counter

CD4029 - Presettable Up-Down Counter

The CD4029BM/CD4029BC is a presettable up/down counter which counts in either binary or decade mode depending on the voltage level applied at binary/decade input. When binary/decade is at logical ‘‘1’’, the counter counts in binary, otherwise it counts in decade. Similarly, the counter counts up when the up/down input is at logical ‘‘1’’ and vice versa. A logical ‘‘1’’ preset enable signal allows information at the ‘‘jam’’ inputs to preset the counter to any state asynchronously with the clock. The counter is advanced one count at the positive-going edge of the clock if the carry in and preset enable inputs are at logical ‘‘0’’. Advancement is inhibited when either or both of these two inputs is at logical ‘‘1’’. The carry out signal is normally at logical ‘‘1’’ state and goes to logical ‘‘0’’ state when the counter reaches its maximum count in the ‘‘up’’ mode or the minimum count in the ‘‘down’’ mode provided the carry input is at logical ‘‘0’’ state. All inputs are protected against static discharge by diode clamps to both VDD and VSS


  •     Presettable Up/Down Counter which Counts in Either Binary or Decade Mode
  •     Counter is Advanced One Count at the Positive-going Clock
  •     Counter Counts Up or Down Depending on Up/Down Pin Input
  •     Operating Temperature to 85C
  •     Low Power TTL

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