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CD4026 - Decade Counter-Divider

CD4026 - Decade Counter-Divider

CD4026 - Decade Counter-Divider

CD4026 is a Johnson counter IC commonly used in digital display. It has a 5 stage Johnson decade counter with a decoder which converts the Johnson code to a 7 segment decoded output. To put it simply, it will convert the input into numeric display and can be seen on 7 segment display or with LED. It can be used for displaying analogue value such as temperature with pic microcontroller or for counting objects. There is various other applications like in 7 segment decimal display circuit, in clocks, timer etc. Advantages of 4026 counter are: It contains counters and 7 segment decoded in one package, It can be easily interfaced with 7 segment types, Ideal for low power display, Operated at wide range of temperature from 5V to 20V and the biggest advantage of the 4026B counter IC is that it can drive a 7-segment display without needing a decoder driver IC.


  • Counter and 7-segment decoding in one package
  • Easily interfaced with 7-segment display types
  • Ideal for low-power displays
  • 100% tested for quiescent current at 20V
  • Standardized, symmetrical output characteristics
  • Schmitt-triggered clock inputs
  • Applications:
  • Decade counting 7-segment decimal display
  • Frequency division 7-segment decimal displays
  • Clocks, watches, timers
  • Counter/display driver for meter applications 

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