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Arduino Nano 3.0 ATmega328 with Cable (2.5 Ft)

New Arduino Nano 3.0 ATmega328 with Cable (2.5 Ft)

The Arduino Nano is a compact, open source ,based on the ATmega328 low price based on the ATmega328 for prototyping. This is very useful for an engineering student, hobbyists, electronic designers,and anyone in any age to creating fantastic objects or environments.Arduino Nano can communicate with any computer, others Arduino, or any other microcontrollers by serial communication which is available on this board.

Tha Arduino nano has ATmega328 of flash memory 32KB.The Arduino nano is powered by 5v supply at pin 30 also by Mini-B type USB.Atmega328 on this Arduino Nano comes with the pre-burned bootloader which allows you to upload new code to it without the use of any external hardware programmer. Atmega328 communicates using the STK500 protocol.

If you want to connect this Arduino Nano you will need a Mini-B type USB cable.This Mini-B type USB cable also provides power to Arduino Nano which can conform by as indicated by the blue LED.

If you have an Arduino Nano you will need to select Arduino Nano / ATmega328 from the Tools > Board menu.Select the correct serial port selected from Tools > Serial Port menu. Then press upload button in the Arduino software. This board will automatically reset and the sketch program will be uploaded.

If you have not installed Arduino software to your computers like windows or MAC, then you download the Arduino software from an official web page and run to your computer.You can buy Arduino Nano in India at component7 at the affordable price.


Operating Voltage (logic level) 5 V
Input Voltage (recommended)7-12 V
Input Voltage (limits)                              6-20 V
Digital I/O Pins14 (of which 6 provide PWM output)
Analog Input Pins8
DC Current per I/O Pin40 mA
Flash Memory 32 KB (ATmega328) of which 2 KB used by bootloader
SRAM2 KB (ATmega328)
EEPROM1 KB (ATmega328)
Clock Speed16 MHz
Dimensions0.73" x 1.70

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