Audio Video Cables

Audio Video Cables

Audio video cable convey the sound as well as picture, they are even used immediately or by means of plug adapter. Component7 provide a high-class low-rate of product in that category.Regularly unmarked on patron audio equipment considering the fact that it is so common, or labelled with headphones image or as "line out". This connector is ubiquitous among domestic audio and video components. Basic setups would possibly use a white plug for mono audio--the left channel--and a yellow plug for video (now not shown here). A crimson plug usually indicates proper-channel audio, but the connector can deliver other alerts too. It's once in a while used for virtual audio, wherein one cable contains a full surround-sound signal.
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3.5 mm Jack Male to Male-1 Meter

Get the Link 3.5mm Male to Male Audio Cable 1 Meter to achieve clear, reliable sound. Use it to connect to your PC, MP3 player, cell phone or any audio device to enjoy your music, games and video. This shielded audio cable features bra..


3.5mm AUX to A/V RCA Audio Video Cable

3.5 mm AUX to A/V RCA Audio Video Cable for Raspberry Pi,Camera,TV set or VCR for video and stereo audio playback.Features:Connector 1: 3.5mm (1/8") plugConnector 2: Three color coded RCA plugs (video and L+R audio)Length: 5.0 feet (1.50 meters)Color..