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Wearable ADXL335 Three Axis Acceleration Sensor Module for Lilypad Arduino

Wearable ADXL335 Three Axis Acceleration Sensor Module for Lilypad Arduino

Wearable ADXL335 Three Axis Acceleration Sensor Module for Lilypad Arduino

It is a three-axis accelerometer in Wearable LilyPad Arduino system. ADXL335 IC is an accelerometer which detects movement as well as vibration.

This module has five holes, two holes plus (+) and minus (-) for power supply and three holes for X,Y and Z axis respectively.

The output voltage is 0 to 3 voltage of each axis. If you want to an actual  measurement from this sensor module, you must need to convert analog voltage to a gravity amount. For this conversion, you use the trigonometrical calculation of true angle.

If you are not looking for the actual measurement of tilting, it is very easy to use this sensor module for basic motion sensing.


  • Power supply: 3.3V
  • Operating temp. range: -40~85°C
  • Sensitivity: 300mv/gSensitivity precision(%): +/-10
  • Output type: analog output of serial port (SPI, I2C)
  • Typical bandwidth: 1.6KHZ
  • Operating voltage: Single supply 1.8V~3.6V


  • '+' should be connected to 1.8-3.6VDC
  • '-' should be connected to GND
  • 'X' is X-axis analog data output
  • 'Y' is Y-axis analog data output
  • 'Z' is Z-axis analog data output

How to connect Lilypad ADXL335 three-axis acceleration sensor module to Arduino for programming?

The following table describes which pins of accelerometer connected  to Arduino:

ADXL335           Arduino/LilyPad

X                         A1

Y                         A2

Z                         A3

VCC                    3V3

GND                   GND

Example Code:

const int xpin = A1; 

const int ypin = A2;

const int zpin = A3; 

void setup()




void loop()


int x = analogRead(xpin);

int y = analogRead(ypin);

int z = analogRead(zpin);

float zero_G =512;

float scale =102.3;


 Serial.print(((float)x - zero_G)/scale);



 Serial.print(((float)y - zero_G)/scale);



 Serial.print(((float)z - zero_G)/scale);



 // delay before next reading:



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