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74LS04 - Hex Inverter

74LS04 - Hex Inverter

74LS04 - Hex Inverter

It is part of the low-power Schottky family of TTL small-scale integrated circuits (SSI) from the 7400 (commercial) series of discrete logic. This particular device has six independent TTL (transistor-transistor-logic) inverters, each of which will accept a logic "0" input and translate it to logic "1" output, or accept a logic "1" input and translate it to logic "0" output. The input is one low-power TTL load; the output is a "totem-pole" transistor-pair capable of sourcing and sinking current to as many as ten TTL input loads. 


  • Product Category: Inverters
  • Logic Family: LS
  • Logic Type: Bipolar
  • Number of Circuits: Hex
  • High Level Output Current: - 0.4 mA
  • Low Level Output Current: 8 mA
  • Propagation Delay Time: 15 ns
  • Supply Voltage (Max): 5.25 V
  • Supply Voltage (Min): 4.75 V
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 70 C
  • Minimum Operating Temperature: 0 C
  • Package / Case: PDIP-14

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